Accredited testing laboratory • Our Laboratory is the department responsible for all testing at GEOtest a.s., the number one environmental services provider in the Czech Republic

• Conveniently located alongside the D1 motorway (Exit 201) in the Brno Airport vicinity

• The laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, certifying for analytical and physico-chemical testing of environmental components, waste, raw materials and intermediate products including sampling. Many of our customers rely on us for testing for remediation and potential contamination such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons and hazardous waste.

• We value individual customer approach
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Individual customer approach In order to maintain the highest accuracy of testing our laboratory is operated by experienced chemists who manually inspect every single sample received in our laboratory. The chemists then select the right methodology for each analysis, depending on the type of sample. With 50 years of experience in the analysis of complicated matrices such as contaminated soils and waters from heavily contaminated industrial or military sites, we understand the critical nature of ensuring that staff with deep experience in each specific type of evironmental testing conduct each analysis. Contact us Accredited sampling • Our field specialists perform accredited sampling. Proper sampling is the first crucial step in ensuring meaningful results

• We perform accredited sampling of water, soil, waste, sludge, sediments and soil-air.

• Our specialist team takes samples for companies in the agricultural, petrochemical and heavy industrial sectors as well as for local and national government departments. In addition our team regularly conducts sampling abroad for projects such as for the EU and UNDP.
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We are experts

Why choose our laboratory?


Being leaders in environmental sampling and testing since 1968, means utilizing a highly skilled workforce.

Since 1968, GEOtest has consistently produced the highest quality sampling and analysis of environmental samples in the region as a result of our procedures for hiring highly skilled staff, training, senior chemists passing on knowledge and continuous improvement of procedures and equipment.


The ISO 17025 testing laboratory of GEOtest, a.s. was established in 1975 and is experienced in testing the complete range of environmental samples including liquids, soils, drinking water, underground water, surface water, sludge and composts. The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments producing analysis of the highest accuracy. Our specialists have gained global scientific expertise including from Great Britain, Sweden and Australia. Our laboratory achieves very high performance in interlaboratory comparisons and proficiency testings, i.e. 98-100%. As a department within a large engineering and scientific company we offer consultancy services linked to laboratory analyses.

Our accredited laboratory provides its services worldwide and for over 20 years has been operating in many European and Asian countries, for high level clients such as the United Nations Development Program.

Our laboratory is located at the Brno airport exit, alongside the motorway connecting Brno with Vienna (AUT), Prague and Bratislava (SVK).

Our customers

Laboratoře GEOtestu, a.s. dlouhodobě spolupracují s laboratoří Ústavu výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v.v.i. Předmětem spolupráce jsou mimo jiné základní laboratorní rozbory vzorků půdy a rostlin.
Ústav výzkumu globální změny AV ČR, v.v.i., (ÚVGZ)
Laboratoře GEOtestu, a.s. se tradičně významně podílí na řešení projektů pro rozvojový program spojených národů UNDP. Provádíme vzorkování a rozbory vody i zemin v různých částech světa.
Rozvojový program OSN (UNDP)
V letech 2006-2014 jsme prováděli laboratorní rozbory pro sanace na lokalitách Horný Hričov, Rača, Stožok, Hronský Benadik, Košice, Vojany, Ružomberok, Pozdišovce pro společnost Slovnaft a.s., člena skupiny MOL.
člen skupiny MOL
Laboratoře GEOtestu, a.s. provádí rozbory vod i zemin jako součást monitoringu sítě čerpacích stanic a odstraňování starých ekologických zátěží, které naše společnost pro Benzina a.s. provádí.
největší síť čerpacích stanic v České republice patřící do skupiny Unipetrol

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