Ing. Denisa Prosecká manažer laboratoří
Ing. Denisa ProseckáSenior Manager
Denise’s goal is to maintain a high standard of quality in the work of an accredited laboratory. It ensures affordability of services to the widest possible range of customers, whether private individuals or companies working with large volumes of environmental samples.

landline: +420 548 125 322
phone: +420 773 789 314

Mgr. Simona SchüllerováTechnical Manager
Her role is to organise and manage all of the work done in the laboratory Simona oversees and optimizes processes in each laboratory. She is directly responsible for the outputs from the laboratory. Her aim is to ensure all samples are accurately processed and that all of our customers are satisfied customers.

landline: +420 548 125 225
phone: +420 777 293 603

Martin CebákEnviro Sampling Coordinator
Martin coordinates the accredited sampling group composed of our field specialists. His aim is to ensure consistent and accurate sampling is conducted and all procedures and checklists are complete.

phone: +420 724 722 470